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Spagetti Squash

Remember that I said the best place to store squash is behind your couch/sofa in your living room? There is one more consideration: What if your couch isn’t big enough?


Decorative ideas

Well…consider them a decoration and let them spill out around and everywhere. Surely when the cost out of a store is like $2 per pound, then you will be the envy of all who visit. If that is true of any visitor then give them as gifts.


Veggies all over my floor

I was melancholy about losing my new spaghetti squash starts this spring (May to us northerners) to some underground monster. It wasn’t until mid-June that I hurriedly planted a raft more of them, hoping that even if they each only made one ‘fruit’ each I would be well set. It went great! Thanks to the fact that the frost was averted to later in September.


NOTE: Never give up hope. Keep your own seeds so you have plenty of them and it doesn’t hurt to replant. (Just well-dry the seeds from the inside of a mature one, then bag and date it)

I usually have a few dozen extra to give away each year. This year I have enough for myself, my Mom and a couple of friends. That’s still OK with me, but I love the bounteous years when I give many others big squashysmiles :) …and what goes around comes around – so I get the biggest grin  :))


Spagetti Squash jungle besdie the rows of corn


Zucchini leaves this year


There wasn’t much moisture from the sky this year, but once the patch had developed huge umbrellas to protect itself, it didn’t take more than a splash from our dugout, now and again, to make a good breeding ground.

Today I only have one concern and that’s with the Zucchini. They look like they have a fuzzy white mold on them. I turned them over and found that the spot that was against the floor felt damp. I hope that doesn’t continue. I’ve done this for several years and never had that happen. The spaghetti Squash seem to still be OK…and sooo tasty.

The squash will keep a long time – like a year if they stay hard and dry, but they lose something in the flavour.

I Adore LOVE Squash because it will take on the flavour of almost anything. My favorite is onion and garlic with butter (then roasted or fried), but there are hundreds of other combinations:

Cinnamon, butter, brown sugar.


Growing on the black ground

Pumpkin Pie spices: ginger, cloves, allspice, with honey, etc.

Curry, onion, and Mayonnaise.

Any Salad dressing, especially your own homemade version.

Stuff them with meats and thyme, garlic, onion, mustard, ketchup, salsa…………………….

Lemon Pepper, Poultry seasoning………..

Deep fry in batter, Roast in the oven,Fry in a pan, boil in a pot, Steam with Rice (add sesame oil and seeds…ohh, heavens!)..

You see what I mean? – it’s a forever list.

Any other ideas I can try? Never mind if you haven’t tried it, I will!





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6 Responses to “Spagetti Squash”

  1. Naomi says:

    I love squash too!
    One good reason for storing lots of squash through the winter is, even if you don’t have any intentions on eating it, it makes for good insurance against going hungry. In times of need, even people that don’t like squash that much would appreciate having a full belly. Another bonus is that it’s a fresh vegetable until the moment you put it on the stove. Not canned or frozen, therefore much more nutritious.
    My favourite reason, though is that I simply love the raw, fresh seeds. I could live off them.

  2. Anna-Marie White says:

    I really love to roast certain squashes like butternut, banana and acorn, etc. I dice it, toss in herbs and olive oil and into the oven. It really brings out the sweetness and the texture is wonderful.
    Loved the photos, Sherry, a very fresh and beautiful harvest.

    • sherry says:

      Thanks, and yah I want one like what you are saying, but what’s the difference between them and which would you recommend the most?

  3. Butternut is my fav for roasting! One inch cubes, rub all ober with olive oil then salt pepper rosemary and whatever else. Then into the oven for half and hour or thereabouts. Zucchini is pretty nice too :)


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