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The Bear’s not gone…

I’ve had rogue bears around before. I thought (proudly) that I had developed a resilience to what used to be recurring thoughts of terror and fear following a bear episode. I soon relaxed after the bear incident recently.

Everyone, myself included, returned to life as normal. I gardened, we fished and played. The company left. 

Hubby has now found a pile of bear poop by the garden.


Pile of feces with the garden’s sunflowers in the background.


Bear dung with berries


Oh boy…this guy isn’t moving on. We are part of his territory now. It was a fairly fresh dump. I expect it could be a day old since it wasn’t emitting any obvious smell until I moved it (peeooo) with a stick. It looked like it had dried somewhat and was a dark blackish color.





Once I had moved the pile it fell into familiar pieces. I could see the shape of berries in it. I saw a Saskatoon (hence the purple-black coloring). So that’s why the Saskatoons I saw earlier disappeared! I just thought the birds were getting them. There was another berry. I looked hard at it for a while. I knew that shape…ahh…chokecherry. What?! I’ve planted chokecherries for jelly, birds……and bears!


Pail of Chokecherries





I’m going to have to be careful in the early mornings and nights,pick or eat all the berries for a mile, carry protection…maybe even a decoy treat… I hate this. I’d rather have the life of ‘unknowing bliss’. I’ll have to go back to peeking around corners before I proceed and stopping to listen for movements in the bush and checking out the odours in the air…I hate this….(weep).

Sidenote: Why didn’t the berries digest fully?…weird… This is normal says Hubby because they don’t really chew their food they just glutonously rake it in. Even oats goes through them whole.

What a complete waste of my berries…grrrr.  Where’s a gun?


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16 Responses to “The Bear’s not gone…”

  1. Do you carry bear pepper spray?

    • sherry says:

      No I wonder where a person gets that? I imagine there could be a problem if I was downwind from the bear. I would get sprayed. The fall winds are high right now.

      • Oh. Seriously. I never thought about being downwind!! Hazard. Anyway the spray is more of a stream. I think I remember seeing it at camping / hunting places and online. There will. E some laws about where you can carry it but do get some please. And keep it on your belt. You can hose down intruders too.

        • sherry says:

          Ok. Intruders: Some of us in the backcountry are experiencing total clean-outs by thieves. They don’t come when you are around do it won’t work on them, but they would deserve it.

  2. Naomi says:

    What are the rules for getting rid of bears?
    You might need to get yourself some night vision goggles and sit on your roof every night.

  3. Naomi says:

    I’d be calling Fish and Wildlife and telling them to relocate their relocated garbage bear.

  4. Derek says:

    Sherry, I sent your link to a friend who has some experience with your situation.


    D: if you have a bear hanging around and don’t want to kill it and cannot relocate it, what are your options for making your bit of land less desirable for the bear?

    S: Basically all you can do is not have food around. However, once he is used to breaking into buildings he is what is called a habituated bear. Habituated bears usually get put down. For instance the bear breaking into my shed to eat concrete making materials was walking by a ton of salmon berry bushes full of berries. The neighbour woke up at 3am as the bear was breaking the glass in her kitchen window to get into her house. Not much you can do there. She has 3 kids. So habituated bear is no longer

    D: Anna-Marie’s friend has a bear situation, so I was curious. Hopefully they will relocate it.

    Steve: Electric fence. The trick with electric fence is to put bacon fat or something on the wire so they lick or sniff it. They don’t like the zap. It isn’t enough to hurt them, but they could just walk through an electric fence as their coat is pretty thick.

    • sherry says:

      I’m thinking about what the dog might have buried that might attract one. We have a fencer but it would be hard to put around the whole area. I watched a bear get zapped once when we were fencing out preditors for our sheep. He hit the wire and flew backwards with a large audible “uummmphh”. The problem was that he was on the inside of the pasture instead of the outside because we were just finishing the fencing. The big critter was very unsure where to go to get out. Thanks for the helpful hints.I’m pretty sure I don’t want to get close enough to use the pepper spray! I’m keeping my eyes open, as well as listening more to the dog. I don’t think it’s come around since. I’ve come to trust the dog to alert me to the danger. It wasn’t long ago I was wondering why we bother to have a dog since it loves to dig up my flower beds.
      A dog of ours saved Hubby from a Grizzly bear once…that’s another story, but a scary one too!


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