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Kale Krunch

One big reason I grew Kale was to make this Kale Krunch I’d read about. I cleaned it and pulled the green leafy parts from the hard stems. I oiled it with sesame seed oil and baked it in the oven. I made a huge batch…of course…remember I do things in a big way, right?


Kale Krunch


I read that I was supposed to cook them long enough for the pieces to be dry and even slightly blackened. Well…I wouldn’t let them get that ‘done’ again. The pieces that were darkened or burnt as I would say were Yucky. It made them taste like burnt leaves with a hint of delicious sesame. I don’t know if I’ll get brave enough to try it again. I think I’d pick a different recipe. The odd bit that wasn’t overdone was somewhat OK.

It did give me an idea about maybe just drying the leaves without oil for later use in soups, etc. then I wondered if I could do that with the Swiss Chard that looked so voluminous in the garden -  so I spread some of it out to dry on the cardboard with the tomatoes.


Drying swiss chard

I’ll let you know what I think after this chard get’s dry…if it does.

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4 Responses to “Kale Krunch”

  1. Hm I am guessing the tastier recipe would be deep fried. I think a pigs ear would probably be good deep fried. Which is why I stay away from it haha. If I go to heaven I want eat deep dried foods every day heheh…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, I sewed Blue Ridge Kale this spring but the customers got it all this year. I’ll be on the scout for a good recipe for this next spring! What if you steamed them, put them in your blender, seasoned the puree to taste, and dehydrated that, and then break the deydrated kale into pieces? It would have to be thick enough that would break nicely and not crumble completely. Just a thought. However, I do wonder how one could make it so that it still had nutrition..hmm


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