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Licencing of Seed,GMO’s,etc.

I was asked what I knew about this subject. I thought it would be easier to put in a post.  This subject has me freaked-out and is maybe why I’m defiantly trying to do and make my own everything.

Hubby and I have a farming background. We grew grain and seed crops for several years. It was always a fight to keep the weed population under control. Weed seed meant dockage and less money in our pocket at the end of the year. Farmers, in general, are having a hard time to make ends meet financially. So they need a good saleable product made in the cheapest way.

The big chemical corporations made chemicals of every description for us to use. Then they started modifying the seed and licensing it. This gave them sole rights on it. They started selling Round-up ready Canola to farmers who were eager to use it since it was one of the cheaper ways to clean the fields…and no left over residue we were told, plus it wasn’t harmful to humans (huh!). In our ignorance and innocence we used it. Even though they charged us for the seed, a charge per acre for the rights to grow it, plus we had to sign an agreement that we would sell every seed back to them. They determined the price too. It still felt like a good deal to clean up a messy field or two.


Canola going to seed



Then we started to hear about farmers that were keeping the seed and growing it again the next year. Some denied that. The chemical giants had hired their own ‘police’  to find people that might have some on their land and sue the pants off of them to make an example to other farmers of what they shouldn’t do and, in my opinion, to prove how powerful they were.

I support them in that they had the legal right to ‘patent’ their invention/seed type. I don’t believe it is a good thing that all our seed is being licensed to the point where we will have no choices of varieties to store and keep on hand for our own use. When too much power and responsibility is placed in the hands of only 4-5 companies the possibility of failure is too risky and great. With that power they could control everything we eat, in whatever GMO form they decide and even dictate whether we get any at all. Once all the money is in their pot we won’t have much effect on disagreeing with them will we?


We use canola many ways. When we buy it we support that crop and all it foibles.

I don’t know which  W5 program is saw this some of this information on regarding a few companies controlling our entire food market, but I remember the names Monsanto, Swift,Cargill, Tyson among them and did find some websites with some tidbits. I wish I had caught the name of the story. I can’t sware to agree with all of it because I don’t have enough experience in all the areas, but according to the things I do know- they had it right on. Just the possibility of it playing out like they are suggesting is absolutely, totally scary!!

In the eyes of a few, it is good to keep farmer’s broke and their mouth’s closed. It is good to keep the money in their own pocket. It’s good to keep the consumer unaware of what they are eating. It’s to their benefit that we do not realize how a very tiny minority has shoved us into a dangerous ocean without sail or paddle. Weave your own sail and carve your own paddle. Keep it by your side… just in case.

That’s my opinion, what your’s ?????


Canola crop in the field



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2 Responses to “Licencing of Seed,GMO’s,etc.”

  1. Naomi says:

    This is very unsettling. We sure have the tendency to sell ourselves cheap.
    I think I remember the W5 that you are talking about. A farmer got sued for growing mon. canola. It turns out that his field was along side the road that was between the Mon. field and the grainery. The truck driver admitted that the tarp over his load had come lose and he had lost some of his load along the way. The farmer was still sued and lost big time.


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