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Soup de jour


I needed lunch and I needed it in a hurry. Soup or a sandwich would be quick…so what did I have hanging around? I was up to my armpits in tomatoes. I needed to use up some scabby onions that had burst from their hides.


Hords of tomatoes across my floor

The floor is cluttered with every size of Zucchini and the mother plants in the garden aren’t giving up on making new progenitors yet – even though the frost nipped their green and prickly bonnets the other day.
Lunch was starting to look a lot like soup to me. I just needed something to help the flavor. I remembered a sprig of dill that had volunteered in the flower bed out front of the deck. I made a quick dive for the porch to find it. On the way my eye caught some fresh trailings of a Nasturtium that was still growing with reckless abandon over and around every object in it’s way. Hmmmm…they have a perky flavor.


Nasturtium flowers by the deck

┬áSeveral of the bright orange blooms didn’t want to be left behind so I thought they would be cheery as a garnish once the soup was ready to serve. A few of the leaves could be used with the dill to create a background taste.


It was all blasted by the blender to save the chopping time.
I originally planned it to be meatless, but found a small package of pre-cooked (by moi) meat that had been getting in my way so it got pushed into the medley.


Dill and Nasturtium



If I hadn’t added the meat, I would have added some dairy either as sour cream, butter, yogurt or cheese or something fun.


Soup de jour

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2 Responses to “Soup de jour”

  1. Naomi says:

    Now I am super curious as to how this all tasted. It looks like a salsa of some sort.

    • sherry says:

      All I can think to say is that the dill and nasturtium made an interesting and good flavour. The flowers were ok if it was just the petals laid on at the end, otherwise the nasturtium needs cooked in so it isn’t ‘startling’. I guess it does look like salsa doesn’t it? I bet it didn’t take longer than 15 minutes since I had everything handy. I didn’t peel the tomatoes either.


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