The Creek is dry


…and so is everything else. The garden is getting to be like a dust bowl. I can’t believe that the peas have decided to start a new season! I ran over them with the lawn mower earlier on, mashing them into bits and spreading the dried left-over seeds everywhere. I’m surprised at how evenly they spread! They are about 4-5 inches high already.


The peas are coming again!





It’s unusually hot for this time of the year. I don’t remember the last time it rained…July?



The creek bed is actually quite beautiful in its own way even without the water. I’m collecting moss for my craft projects.


Bridge over the creek bed


To find moss you have to find a damp place. When the water recedes in the creek there is easy access to it.


Dead log in the dry creek bed






It’s also a good time and place to gather small gravel for the chickens too.




Interesting log features


I was telling a friend just yesterday that I was looking for some dead-fall for a new rock garden (to add to the landscaping around the house).

It just hit me…what am I waiting for?I’m going to find a big ‘ol rope and drag one of these out!!  But I want a BIG one…now I’m excited – Yes.   …either I’m an  incredibly slow thinker or inspirations come like a halogen lamp. All at once I ‘get’ it.

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2 Responses to “The Creek is dry”

  1. Why did you run over the peas with a mower? I hope you can find a nice piece of dead tree to put by your house. You realize then you will need a big boulder. Then some little ones and then a hidden waterfall. Lol.


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