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Chain Saw Massacr…ess

Last year I brutally chawed the sunflower and corn stalks off with the lawn mower. It was mostly brutal on the machine. I did it because I like the idea of putting everything, including fibre back into the soil. It’s healthy for the dirt, but gives me satisfaction to fulfil the cycle of life (have you noticed how sentimental I am?).

Hubby asked me if I was going to run over them like a ‘Cat Dozer’ again this year. He agreed with me that it was a tough job for a lawn mower. I looked at the scythe in the corner and the look of it made my arms feel weak. “What about the power saw”, I asked hopefully – in other words: hopefully he would do it. “Sure” he said, “but don’t run it into the dirt”. He puts a lot of effort into getting the perfect angle on the saw teeth. This comes with years of experience and that all needed to be respected in a sacred sort of way.


My new found garden tool


After I crossed my heart and hoped to die (just kidding of course) that I wouldn’t, he let me at it. Vruuummm,ratatata,…vrruuuuumm!  He thought I looked hilarious. I think it had something to do with a picture in his mind of a woman falling trees mixed with one of me insanely lopping down garden timber. He was wishing the neighbors could stop in for a laugh.


Gashed yellow pumpkin…like I care – it was YELLOW(!) and it was hiding under the corn stalks.




                       …and I’ll say it again…yellow pumpkins are just wrong.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Gathering the sunflowers and Sunchokes


The only thing that I thought was insane was that he wasn’t doing it. When I had enough ‘vibes’ I started to gather them up. I threw them sadly into the bush…what a waste. I need a tree shredder like has been suggested as a source of mulching material. 





Good-bye Sunchokes, Sunflowers. The saw worked great for cutting the dill too.

How much is under the Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes) is beyond me. I haven’t dug them yet. I don’t expect much for volume and likely won’t have to worry too much about intestinal expansion.   :)



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5 Responses to “Chain Saw Massacr…ess”

  1. I tried to give this 5 stars but I missed the tiny target and gave it 4 by mistake. This is a really good post, I love the sounds and the well described actions and all your thu king, tour storytelling continually is improving. Along the way any reader can get a sense for who you are, and you are quite a character! Lol. So anyway, curiously no mention of your hubby was doing while you operating the chainsaw. Very disappointed that he didn’t take a pic of you doing this craziness!

    • sherry says:

      Hubby was busy working through his own list of to-do’s as he gets ready for winter. His hands are bothering him too and that’s why I “let” him off the hook. I have a hard time interesting him on the technology. Thanks for your flatterings.

  2. Enjoy trying to read the typos lol

  3. Enjoy trying to read the typos lol we’re going down a bumpy hwy and I am on my mobile.


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