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Time for Edamames

The beans are as ready as they are going to get. They took a long season to get here. I’ll keep a few for seed, but I’m not sure if they are worth the fuss. I’ll think on it.


Podding the beans




They are hard to pod, but they taste better than a regular starchy string bean seed. I tried them against each other…there’s no comparison. The Edamame bean (described as an immature soy bean) is sweeter and delicate.



I froze 4 small packages and put some in a salad. I think that’s what I’ll do with the ones I’m freezing – put them in future salads. I don’t want them to get lost in a stew.


Edamame bean salad



I discovered that they come encased in a tissue-like covering that comes off quite easily in water. Put them in a bowl of water, swish them around and the peelings seem to rise to the surface.      


 Verdict: They’re pretty cute, nutritious and yummy. The downfall then, is that they take so long to grow, are hard to peel, and don’t make a large volume per plant. Am I missing anything?



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4 Responses to “Time for Edamames”

  1. Well let’s see. They’re one if the worst allergens in the planet and most often GMO, and they’re the worst food additive ever to hit the store shelves. Death to soy beans / edamame. Heh. Thank you. The end. Haha!

  2. Is that your photo? Because that’s one of your best yet! Nice tight shot if the salad. I like that part :) :)

    • sherry says:

      You like to get right up close and personal with your food, right? OK and thanks. It was as tasty as it looked to!


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