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Swiss Chard

What I’ve done with my massive amount of Swiss Chard:

a-swiss-chard leaf

A huge Swiss Chard leaf

1. Cut, picked, carried, and washed my heart out,of course.

2. Peeled the green leafy material* away from the stalk.


Peeling the Chard from the stalk




3. Saved the stalk for relish.







The rectangular portions

4. Steamed some of the green stuff* until it had shrunk. Cooled and drained it well in a colander. Squeezed into 1 cup rectangular portions. Wrapped and froze them for later use as a frozen, chopped Spinach substitute. No oxalic acid.


Dark green against the deep yellow and mmm: Butter









5. Saved some for supper dressed with creamy butter and pepper. A dash of vinegar/lemon is great too!

6. Part of the green stuff* I put to dry on clean cardboard. My idea is that if a person can dry Kale then why not Swiss Chard? I think I can use it later in green drinks, soups, or weird cooking projects.


Tomatoes ripening and chard drying


PS: the Tomatoes covered a lot of floor, huh? This only 1/2 of them.








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4 Responses to “Swiss Chard”

  1. Anna-Marie White says:

    You really like your rectangular portions ha haha! Cracks me up. I guess later you can grill the rectangular hamburgers and have it with your rectangular spinach. Maybe you should get some rectangular plates! *giggle*.
    Well, when you go to use the squashed chard, be sure and let me know because I want to see what you plan to do with it :) I had in mind a really nice Quiche…

    • sherry says:

      I have Quiche in mind tooooo. Rectangular plates is a great idea because they would fit into the cupboard better and you could get closer to more of your food.

  2. Anna-Marie White says:

    Oh, sorry – I just noticed your rectangular butter. *snicker* Thanks for being you!


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