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A Disgusting Death


A really sick thing happened today. Warning: this is graphic. View only at risk to your digestive system.

I think I should have no problem with axing a chicken’s head off at the neck. There seems to be a natural division there between the body and the brain to begin with. Let me explain.

I went to gather the eggs yesterday. I found one ‘ol hen on the nest. She had just let out a fresh egg. The way you can tell its super-fresh is from the wet surface on the shell. It quickly dries in the air. The egg that was ‘hot off the press’  had a big smear of blood on it. I took note of the hen that had done this, wondering what had gone wrong. It seem more than a coincidence that I had been there to witness this act of nature. The timing was impeckable! I stored the info up there in the back of my brain.dead-chicken-eaten-alive




Today I went to feed the birds and lo and behold !! …there she was – the hen from yesterday’s red egg. Dead. Her whole butt end was missing along with most of her insides. She was hollow. Chickens are cannibals. They saw blood on her backend and pecked at her and ate her to death! If I hadn’t witnessed her laying the egg yesterday, I wouldn’t have solved the mystery of why it happened.

How sick is all that?




I think they are brain-dead, dirty old things at times. Chickens are one of the filthiest animals in existence – eating their own excrement, each other without mercy. I thank the good Lord that I have never been there to witness a ‘chicken-victim’ in its last moments…it must be horrible.

That being said I shouldn’t even feel sorry for this hen in her demise because I have seen them eating holes in …

themselves !!   !



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2 Responses to “A Disgusting Death”

  1. Kennedy says:

    Woah, interesting, I had no idea chickens were cannibals! I’ve had experience (unfortunately) with cannibalistic mice. Not exactly pleasant! They seem to rather enjoy offing each other when put together in cage overnight. Supposedly they kill off the sicker and weaker of themselves; I’ve also heard the mice drink the blood for protein. Either way, it’s nasty business! Lol. You’ve seen chickens eat themselves?? Now that is crazy talks, what would possibly drive them to do that?

    • sherry says:

      Yah, they’re still going at it when I arrive. This chicken would have had blood and yolk on her butt, and it was tasty. That’s it….puke.


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