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Eternal Tomatillos

The Ground Cherries alias Tomatillos never quit growing – they just finally got wilted by the frost. I wonder if they ever finish maturing in a perfect climate. They just got bigger and bigger. Picking the fruit off of the vine never worked because those always had enough green on them that they were sour. They fell to the ground once they had magically obtained their sweetest state.


They have a cute covering


The berries where very abundant despite the dry year.



They are a really yuumy munchy. It would take a large plot of dirt to make enough for any great contribution to a jam. It was fun, but now I’ve had enough of that experiment.



They could be grown in a container as a very beautiful and edible conversation ‘piece’. The branches would extend out over the sides. The leaves are very attractive. The fruit has a covering much like a ‘Chinese Lantern’ .  I’d recommend it for that.



Groundcherries under a frost cover. A fitted sheet for a large bed is needed for each plant!

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