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A Series on Log House Building#7

To take up where I last left off…I spent the first winter in our little cabin pouring over pictures and plans of cabins. I soon decided that I would have to make up my own plans to fit our pre-existing basement.

As the winter dragged on, we fought the freezing temperatures in the new basement. We had to be careful that we didn’t go down through the insulated covered sub-floor unless it was above freezing outdoors. The ground kept the interior above the freezing line. I think I still had the vegetables under the cabin. It was skirted in with an insulated area blocked off, and a door-way to the outside,¬†under the floor boards.

We didn’t want the basement to freeze because the cement might crack or heave. The roof wasn’t on, so most of the snow was kept off of the floor by insulation and plastic. Later we used the insulation in the roof.

The making of the floor plans became and love-hate thing. I liked the work, but when things didn’t work and I had to re-do everything….it turned to hate. It was scary when it was spring and finally time to start cutting the logs. If I had messed up, it was too late. Scanned at 14-02-2013 18-46 PM (4) - Copy

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