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Wind turbine on rail car

 How GREAT is this? It’s one side of a propeller for one of the Wind Turbines destined for BC. It’s more amazing to see the 30+ cars with these all in a row. They have 35 of thee turbines in Dawson Creek already, and 35 farther north. I believe that they are planning to put up 70 more-and these are part of them.

They have perched them on slings. Each one is two railcars long. They are also transporting the ‘ uprights’ that hold these up in the air. Each upright consists of 3 large cone-shaped pieces ( and each of these pieces take a car length too!).

BC is going to be at the forefront of wind turbine power.

I’m disgusted that Bruce Power has been trying to promote Nuclear power in Alberta. They say it’s clean…don’t get me going on that. They don’t make CO2 emissions, but they are SUPER POISONOUS (shucks…do they care about that?)

Congrats BC !!


Wind Turbine Bases

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