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Meal-in-one Muffins


I start by adding variations of mixed vegetables and meat into my Quick Mix recipe for baking powder biscuits. Then I fill a muffin tin level with the top. Since I don’t use wheat , I switch the flour for rye flour. This makes great mini-lunches for me when I’m travelling.


This cool treat has pizza stuff in it…tasty!

It sure is hard to find food without wheat in it when you are going places. I guess there aren’t enough people like me to make a consumer base. Poo-ey :(

…aahhh – never mind – they would pump it full of something else like that ‘meat-glue’ they have now to glue together little scraps of meat into expensive veal steaks and roasts.

Anyways, this is one way I make meals-to-go. The convection oven gets filled to the max, like normal, to save energy. They are easy to grab as opposed to making a sandwich.


One batch I used a thick pot of chili for a perk. It is spicy and hits the spot.

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