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Collecting seeds: radish


The dog tried to make a nest in what’s supposed to be my radishes for seed. As the dead and drying plants layed on the porch minding themselves, the dog decided to clutter them around in a circle . There wasn’t enough in the pile to make much of a nest for all her troubles, but you could see the tell-tale hole in the center. What a silly pooch!


Radishes all over the porch

I gave up waiting on a more opportune time to get this job of seed-sorting done. I jumped on the pile and finished off the scrunching and munching the dog had started. I got out the toughest gloves I could find and wrung the pods back and forth releasing all the small brown seeds I could.


Making the seeds









Using a series of screens of different sizes I finally got down to where it was just a matter of blowing off the remaining chaff.


Viola…radish seeds.  I’ll have enough that I can try sprouting some later on.

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8 Responses to “Collecting seeds: radish”

  1. Do you eat a lot of radishes? If so, just raw? Be ause this is a lot of work. I just have a feeling that radishes are very healthy for you.

  2. Anna-Marie White says:

    Theres also horseradish type condiments. I bet you could make something like that with radishes! I mean hindsight of course. Anyway hows the Sauerkraut, have you had any yet?

    • sherry says:

      I had some that wouldn’tfit into the jars. I put it into some chicken-slow cooker food. I use it in cooking to repace the salt and add the flavour. If you don’t like it really strong add it to rice. Very Ukranian.


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