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Testing Unknown Wild Plants #2


                                                                                    Even tomato leaves are poisonous

Sherry:  I was amazed to find this test. I truly describes how careful a person would have to be. 

Universal Edibility Test

[There are many plants throughout the world. Tasting or swallowing even a small portion of some can cause severe discomfort, extreme internal disorders, and even death. Therefore, if you have the slightest doubt about a plant’s edibility, apply the Universal Edibility Test before eating any portion of it.

Before testing a plant for edibility, make sure there are enough plants to make the testing worth your time and effort. Each part of a plant (roots, leaves, flowers, and so on) requires more than 24 hours to test. Do not waste time testing a plant that is not relatively abundant in the area.


Potatoes have green parts that are poisonous

Remember, eating large portions of plant food on an empty stomach may cause diarrhea, nausea, or cramps. Two good examples of this are such familiar foods as green apples and wild onions. Even after testing plant food and finding it safe, eat it in moderation.

You can see from the steps and time involved in testing for edibility just how important it is to be able to identify edible plants.]


Sherry: After all that do you think it’s even worth the effort to try an unknown plant on your own? It would almost be better to starve to death I’m thinking since you have to starve to do the above test anyway! 

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3 Responses to “Testing Unknown Wild Plants #2”

  1. I am totally with you on that. Anything that obscure would probably not fill your stomach anyway. And the risk is just too high. I recommend a good botanical book for identifying local plants. And a death wish.

  2. Naomi says:

    I am thinking that you would starve to death during this process. You’re right, it certainly doesn’t sound worth it.
    Having said that, if you were starving and had loads of spare time on your hands, this info would come in handy. Until then, it’s serves as a good warning to be very careful with plants you are not familiar with.
    I love your blog, Sherry. Thanks for sharing!


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