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Making the Dog a Nest


This nesting thing has been going on for weeeeeeekks! I don’t get it.

Here’s what I’m thinking: Make the dog a nest she can enjoy so my yard and plants don’t have to get plowed in a hole-by-hole fashion. I think she’s crazy, but I’ll go with it for now.


Another nest…grrr.

I got an armful of straw from the chicken coop and plunked it down by her house while I went to get my iPhone to get a picture of her cozy abode. by the time I got back she had already made the block of straw into….yah…another nest. ! !


Straw for the dog house





I tossed the snow out of it and shoved it into her house. Now, hopefully, I shouldn’t see anymore ‘snow-dens’ around the place. I hope I don’t have a pile of dead spots in my lawn and that the perennials will forgive her in the spring.


Let’s see now if this works………………………………………to be continued.



What does she think now??


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