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The Dog got Smashed

That dog has been nothing but trouble. I have had mixed feelings about her. She digs up my flower beds, she won’t chase the animals away from the hay…lazy pup! She won’t eat the dog food or even raw meat anymore. Hubby has got me to cook her meat….get that!

All that being said, I saved her from the dugout and pulled all the quills out of her to save her hide. I love her, but she also can be useless. I’m not sure how I would…or maybe I should say ‘will’ feel when she finally gets herself killed.


The bales are going on the truck.

She had another close call today when I was loading the bales. Hubby was shoveling the big mound of snow of the top while I carried them around with the tractor. The yard was getting tight for space, so Hubby gave me the sign to shove them together. I’m a maniac for speed when it comes to doing this kind of work (let’s get ‘er done!). I grabbed a bale with the front-end loader and sped my way toward the row to give them a big shove. The dog was standing beside my man when I started to push. For some reason she thought that was a perfect moment to dive between the bales in the row. She partly made it…at least her head did. The bales slid forward in front of the tractor about 12 feet/4 metres. The dog’s head went with it. Her body had to follow by necessity. After the surprise encounter, she managed to get her head back out.


Dog gone dog. I wonder who she thinks was to blame.

I knew nothing about it until Hubby’s hands flew up in the air, but it was too late. So far she doesn’t look any worse for the wear. I don’t know how she survived that one. This is a dog that knows how to flirt with death.

That’s three strikes you know!

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6 Responses to “The Dog got Smashed”

  1. Wendy says:

    When you want them gone they stay too long, when you want them forever they are gone too soon.

  2. Anna-Marie White says:

    I believe she may not be acting very dog-like because she has a human pack. She is acting like a dumb human. Ha hahhh. Really, she probably should have had a companion long ago. I see her as being a huge liability. But look at those big brown eyes. She doesnt blame you. She just wants to be like you. Ha hah…

  3. Anna-Marie White says:

    I mean the evidence is in her wanting her meals cooked. Snork!


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