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First New Poulet Egg

I got a treasured surprise today. A tiny brown egg.

I have 7 older hens and 13 new pullets. I think I’m going to need another nest box. This hadn’t occurred to me until now when I saw the little egg on top of the nest box. The old hens haven’t been letting the younger ones roost. It’s either that… or the pullets don’t want to associate. I can see where trouble is in the offing.

I must admit that sometimes they have trouble, early in the game, to figured out where to drop their eggs, but with older hens around surely they should have figured it out by now.


The little egg takes its place in a carton.


Baby-size egg



Hubby suggested that I butcher the old hens. I say: why can’t anything be simple?

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4 Responses to “First New Poulet Egg”

  1. Yah more work. Why would the old hens be such…old hens. Well now I know where the term came from!


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