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Party time

The bales are gone…wahoo. The stress is off…yay! The elk all filed past this afternoon, going towards the west. I don’t know where. Someone elses bales? I hope not. The herds get larger every year. The poor farmers are having a hard time keeping the hay for their domestic animals. If elk had to fend for themselves the natural way they have for thousands of years, they likely wouldn’t be getting over-populated.

I’ve picked up the plastic twines. Now the deer can come and nibble off of the left over gobs that lay about the bale yard. At least they won’t die from the twine getting caught in their throats.

Now maybe we won’t wake up to find an animal floating in the dugout…although an elk would be nice. If it has horns to lasso and hasn’t been there very long. They have to be gutted and bled out right after they die so that the meat doesn’t get toxic. Eventually they bloat too and that’s gross.

Over-population also results in a ton of road kill. The salt on the frozen, icy roads doesn’t help. It attracts the animals to the roadway and the vehicles are the source of their death. The cars and trucks don’t usually survive either.

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3 Responses to “Party time”

  1. Anna-Marie White says:

    Doesnt that just beat all. The dog falls in the dugout, sparking a dangerous rescue. But an Elk cant wander into the ultimate trap. Doggone it.
    Maybe Elk are smarter. In which case you should have a pet Elk and let the dog go Feral.

  2. Anna-Marie White says:

    This title should be Partys Over for the Elk haha


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