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Cutting the Deer Meat

To save money I usually butcher my own meat. I don’t always do it professionally, but as long as it suits me, who cares?

The Deer we got was  ‘smallish’ so it won’t take long to cut up. I did the 2 front quarters in 3 hours (?…I didn’t keep track of the time very well). The neck end I cut into a roast because it is hard to get the meat out of the neck joints. I stripped all the pieces I could off of the ribs and legs in this case because any steaks would have been miniscule. The pieces can get ground into hamburger or thrown into stew or something.


Removing the rib steak

I pulled and carved the rib steak off of the area that runs down what would have been the Deer’s back bone. Because the back bone was split by the saw, there will be one of these ‘steak’ rows on each front quarter. The ends of the legs are stringy and tough so this grissely stuff I put in a slow-cooker or double grind into hamburger.

The rib steaks are usually the tenderest part of the animal except for the tenderloin itself. I put a steak into the frying pan to cook before I get very far to decide what the end use is going to be for some of these cuts.



XXX ! The steak is tough as …I don’t know. It’s worse than jerky. I’ve never had one so tough. Hubby says he has. I remember one buck that stunk so bad we couldn’t eat it, but this one I just can’t chew…well I can, but I chew and chew and chew and chew and it never ends. This means the steak and all will be hamburger (double or triple ground) or slow-cooker material. That’s sad…after all this work. It will still get used anyways.


The Deer’s rib bones

To save some work I put pieces of the rib cage in a huge pot and cooked it for several hours on the wood cook stove. The meat all fell off the bones. The result was a pile of carnage good for the Rotty and about 2 quarts of cooked meat that I marinated for later.  Nothing wasted there! There isn’t even much for the pooch.

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