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Log Dog House

After building our own big log house the only scrap of ambition I have left to build anything of a similar nature would be this ‘log’ dog house we gave for Christmas.

We made it out of treated 4X4′s and 2X4′s I found them in a snow drift. It was salvage from the troughs we’d used for sheep in years gone by. That was Hubby’s idea. I dreamt of cutting the corners like a real log house, but he wasn’t into dreaming. He found a bucket of old long skinny lag bolts and I drilled the holes to start them. Then we screwed lag bolts in at every possible corner. It took so many of them I was shocked…like 6-8 per round. This is now a ‘man’ project. This is heavy duty.


Screwing if together.


Sure enough – when it was done nobody could lift it. Hubby put his back out trying. No dog of any size is going to drag this one around..hahaha.

I didn’t like the tin on the roof because it ended up looking pretty rough around the previously cut edges. I had a horrible time trying to find it under the snow banks. I tried to use a grinder to smooth off the edges but it still didn’t measure up. We ended up solving the problem by telling each other “It’s only a dog house”.

One screw didn’t want to go through several layers of tin. It caught on the bottom layer finally and pulled everything out of shape and bent the top layer…well…anyway – “It’s only a dog house”      :((


Making the rounds and a door way for the one-of-a-kind shack.

I’m happy to say that I lost the last picture of the final product. It wasn’t intentional, but it leaves me happy enough.

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6 Responses to “Log Dog House”

  1. Anna-Marie White says:

    What? No pic? Bummer. I bet it was cute. Did you give the dog house away as a gift or does it go to your hapless pooch he heh.

    • sherry says:

      We gave it for Christmas to a doggy that had a very ‘run-down’ house. Our dog already has one as a second home…or (heh) a summer cottage made the same way. I wanted to have a second one in case we brought a male dog around for breeding, but I doubt it will ever happen. I thought the tin was ugly, so I was happy not to show it *snicker*.

  2. Naomi says:

    The bottom 1/2 of your dog house looks great!
    You’re right, that things not going anywhere, which is great because it’s the best built dog house I have ever seen. …or at least the best built bottom of the dog house.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • sherry says:

      Don’t worry the roof was built like Fort Knox too. I know Hubby tooo well by now. If I judge that something should have three nails, every man within a mile would agree with me, but Hubby will say 5 (!). He built me a ‘potty-training’ stool last year and I had to keep telling him “lighter…think lighter. Cut a hole here and remove 1/2 of that side…no it WON’T fall apart! A little kid is going to stand on this. They have to be able to heft it around or there will be stool on the stool!”

  3. Wendy says:

    Haaahaa, this is all so funny to read! I was thinking; you know about hindsight – well, had you known it would weigh a ton, you might have built it on skids!


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