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more on Colored Case Hardening

Remember Buck was going to make his own case hardened tools using peach pits? He showed me the final product. I was intrigued by the bluish rainbows playing across the little pieces. I was even more impressed that he made the pieces himself like an old-time blacksmith! Who does that anymore?


He made these tools himself!

When I think of my desires to become self-sufficient or at least come close, I realize that there are so many holes in my plans. Sooner or later (when I can’t buy things in a store) I’ll end up needing a tiny part that might only be available a mile down under an old dump ground, because…nobody makes them anymore.

When the big depression hit almost a century ago, the tools were more rudimentary. They were easier to fix. There was a blacksmith down at the end of main street. Many things could be used that didn’t need power, like hand clothes-washers, laundry lines for drying, horse-drawn plows, rakes, and thrashing equipment, etc. What would we have now if the power grid went down? I should say WHEN it goes down.

It’s my firm belief that it will come. I think we’re going to get ‘too big for our britches’ and the fall will happen. It would be so much worse for us now than when the dirty-thirties hit. My hat goes off to blacksmithing talent.

A simple version of what Buck did:

After mixing the charcoal he made from peach pits, and other things, he placed the parts with charcoal (I think he used wood and bones for part of the ratio) into a tight canister.  He also experimented with a blend that had leather charcoal which he also made himself. It gave off a different color and tint.  This went into his oven. When it was done he quenched the parts in water which tempers (hardens) the steel.


I think they are beautiful.


The complicated version is on “Brownells” web page. In these instructions they talk about oven temperatures that reached 1400 and 1500 degrees farenheit, but he used a regular oven at the highest temperature.


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2 Responses to “more on Colored Case Hardening”

  1. Wendy says:

    I’m speechless. He seriously made those? Every bit? Is it possible to shoot some video of the process, so we could see how it made? It would time consuming to pull off. It would be…priceless!


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