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Stew and Soup

The healthiest cooked meal I know of is good ol’ stew. When it’s cooked all the goodness remains in the pot. No valuable nutrients get poured down the sink.

Stew does magical things. In the summer it makes you sweat (and cool off) even if it’s eaten cool. In the winter a hot bowl of it warms you up from the inside out. A warm bowl of soup also warms my hands. Then there’s the fact that it’s easier to lose Christmas weight gains on soup. What’s nicer than that? Nothing.

I went to a soup potluck yesterday. Each woman brought a sample of a soup. We were supposed to bring a recipe but nobody did. One lady had an interesting tomato-green bean one. I asked her what it was called. She said “Everything that was in the fridge….soup”. Isn’t that one of the greatest parts of soup and stew. Throw in whatever, add onions and some spices. The one I brought was a bit like corn chowder. I started with some of my cream corn that had been sweetened with honey (I have to say here that the honey made the canned corn a darker brownish colour that doesn’t look so lovely but tastes great – it gets buried well in a stew). After milk, pieces of carrot and onion, dried potato (for thickener), salt, lots of pepper and a little cayenne, I ended with the addition of some 50-50 bacon.





I have to explain the 50-50 bacon. I make my bacon go really far by frying it with hamburger. Sometimes the hamburger volume is a larger than 50%. I add extra salt to perk the ‘burger’ portion up. I then partly drain it and use my super-useful blender on it.


I know it doesn’t look like bacon bits, but that’s because I pulled it out of the freezer and sliced off what I needed. I could have frozen it loosely, but wanted to minimize the storage space.


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5 Responses to “Stew and Soup”

  1. Anna-Marie White says:

    Love the post! The potluck sounds really inspiring, what a novel idea! Hamburger bacon – is this your own recipe or did you learn it from someone else? Because its a FIRST for me! I recommend you get a good little bag sealer. Then you can freeze portions in the same space and save all this cutting stuff. I have got to try your hamburger bacon thing. Good use of the fat to carry the flavor further – I imagine you mix it with very low fat hamburger? Do you grind your own? I cant do hamburger so I am wondering if that would work well with ground chicken? Or lamb? I think this deserves its own post so I can share it too.

    • sherry says:

      It’s my own lo-fat ground burger. I’ve never tried anything other than deer burger and beef. It’s one of my ‘do-it-cheap’ inventions.

  2. Wendy says:

    Do you make your own bacon?

    • sherry says:

      I haven’t been successful at that. I’m waiting for Hubby to make a proper smokehouse. If you’re not careful it get too salty or too smoky. I don’t mind too smoky but a little goes a lonnnng way.I have a small smoker, but I want to do it in a big way – that me. I’ve been buying the bacon-ends from a good butcher. Thats usually just over a buck per lb.

      • sherry says:

        Oh and the best part of making your own bacon is that you can use plain salt and not the nitrate version. The flavour relies heavily on the smoking. Next time I get a pig I should take a stab at it.


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