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Christmas take down


What has January 27th got to do with Christmas. Well…Sherry has finally decided to do it. I think most nationalities have had theirs by now. I don’t usually take this long, but with the hunting and butchering and sausage making

On second thought I think I will leave one or two. Next year I’m going to make a whole snowy scene with my little village pieces and it can stay there on my bay window until I plant my Nasturtiums.


Boxing my village pieces.

I love my little snowman with the sign that says “Let it Snow”. I painted it myself, but it’s more nostalgic to me because of its history. You see, it was there when we had almost no snow last year… silently begging. The years like this when the snow is up past my butt it seems to bring a sense of humour to my decor.


Let it snow. The wreath in the background I made from spruce cones, nuts and colored balls, etc.









It’s hard, this year, to see the greatest season pass. I’m thinking it’s because I feel time passing by with more haste than ever. I have so much to learn and say and do. Will this life be long enough? I suppose not…that’s why it’s good that there’s another one after this. That’s what Christ promised us.






The days are getting longer now so I can use that as my cheer…along with my mountain of chocolates I hinted heavily for at Christmas time. That was funny - I made chocolate to give away and put them on my list to Santa to give to me.

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11 Responses to “Christmas take down”

  1. Sometimes I don’t like to see Christmas pass because I didn’t get to fully enjoy it. I didn’t get to listen to Carols this year as much as I wanted and missed seeing family because I was traveling. Mike spent the day with his family. Nothing to complain about, just not as much Christmas in my Christmas this year. Could it be something like that?

    • sherry says:

      It was good and I think that’s why I don’t want it to go. Sorry that you didn’t have more…there’s usually more of them for some of us.

  2. We’re the chocolates that Santa gave you as good as the ones you have away? Lol

  3. Anna-Marie White says:

    Sherry did you have a Christmas tree or just the snowy scene? Not that it matters, but inquiring minds want to know lol

    • sherry says:

      Funny you should mention that. This waas the first year without a tree. The snow was so deep. I was so busy that I figured ‘peace-on-earth’ was more important.

      • Peace On Earth is always more important. Maybe some people don’t need a tree for that. Really it is just a ‘nice-to-have’. :) my recommendation is a compromise. A smaller tabletop tree decorate one just outside your window. You need the floor space tee hee!

  4. Wendy says:

    I had a wonderful Christmas…and I couldn’t say goodbye easily, so I did it in stages and filled in the gaps with anything that kept me thinking of Christ. Its a blessed time and even though it was quiet at points, I had the opportunity to bask in that spirit. I know it can be a very lonely time for some and I sure wish it wasn’t so. Only just a few days ago I took down the tree. I sort of took it a little at a time, reluctantly removing one or two decorations here and there…even removing a few decorations off the tree over the course of a week. Even the tree with just the lights was so pretty. For many weeks I had filled the air with the music of Boney M and every Christmas song I had and thoughts of all my older sisters and how much I wanted to be on the farm again singing and wrapping little ‘used’ treasures from about the house. I have a sign I made, “Wise Men Still Seek Him” that will be up all year round, so that Christmas will not be gone completely. And only a few days ago, while shopping, I heard, “Let is Snow” playing on a radio station. I smiled. I love Christmas. I’ll be looking for gifts for everyone as soon as the garage sales open in April. Merry Christmas all year everyone!


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