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Deer Destroying the Trees


I called the Wildlife office. I asked if they had any great ideas of how I could keep the deer from eating all the new trees I had planted in my shelter-belt.

They asked what kind of deer. I said they were white-tail. It was explained to me that mule deer browse pines and such, but not white-tails or flag-tails. I informed them that they were WRONG.


Damaged willows

They have a pail full of deterrent that I can splatter on the trees that will make them taste ‘yuck’ to deer.

There is 3 feet of snow.  4800+ trees on the property….I don’t think so.

I was hoping they would offer a ‘gun-blaster’ or a few bales of hay on another property to keep them from starving. If they don’t normally eat pine needles then they must be getting desperate! No such luck.



We haven’t had a winter this cold and deep for 17 years. Here it has finally warmed up to almost melting after several weeks of bitterness.


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