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Sausage:Tasting & Changes


1.  The Kielbasa tasted like it should and had the right texture, however pork fat would make it more like the store-bought variety. It was a nice color because of the curing salt, but I could forego color. I thought I might add 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar next time.

2. The Pepperoni was tasty but very mild. No pepp there! Instead of 1 tablespoon I would try 4. The honey is called for a lot but I don’t know why. It won’t mix in ice-cold water. I had to warm it up with my hands. The my hands already felt frozen from all the cold stuff. I didn’t need any more trouble.Maybe dissolve it first somehow.


The Kielbasa had some cure in it and show the pink color.



3. The Onion-Summer Sausage was absolutely tantalizing. It tasted like a real good homemade hamburger patty before it was even smoked. The smoking made it even more desirable. The pork fat could be left out since it was moist inside the casing. I can’t tell if the BBQ spice I used did anything or not. Next time I would use twice the pepper, ginger, and mustard to see if I couldn’t beat the best. The more flavour – the less I will need to eat to feel happy.







4. The Breakfast Sausage: It’s nothing like what you buy in the store. If you want thin sausage that fries fast use a small casing and more fat would make it more ‘typical’. I don’t need the fat, but found it took a long time to cook as compared to the eggs Hubby wanted with it. I ended up cutting them in half and then the juice cooked out. I would use double the sage next time and 2 tablespoons instead of teaspoon for the sugar or some maple syrup. I didn’t smoke any of this, so next time I would add about 4 tablespoons of liquid smoke per 5 pound batch. Mesquite would be nice.


I used was paper to separate the rings and vacuum sealed the plastic freezer by way of my lungs.

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12 Responses to “Sausage:Tasting & Changes”

  1. Anna-Marie White says:

    Sherry what is ‘cure’? It looks great :)

  2. Btw. Maybe you could fry the sausage first and then add the eggs near the last.


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