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Homemade Teeth Whitener


I developed an aching tooth three weeks ago. I made a dentist appointment. I can’t look in my own mouth, so I didn’t realize that I had plaque build-up on my teeth. It was then that I remembered my tooth whitening remedy. I’d been forgetting to use it once a week…for a year.

Now I have a chance to experiment. If I go back in a month and the condition is less serious, then my remedy works.

This is it:

3 teaspoons baking soda

1 teaspoon salt

A little fresh sage* leaves. I will have to use some dry sage. (Supposedly antiseptic and gum strengthening)

Optionally I have used some drops of Peppermint  Oil for flavour, freshness and smell.

1 teaspoon hardwood ash (I think I’ll use willow and burn it in my wood cook stove). If you can’t get this, then try it with the rest of the above.


Chopping the wood to burn for the hardwood ash I will need.



Foil in the stove to catch the ash for the recipe.








3% food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I’ll have to dilute it to a 3% solution like you’d buy in a Drug Store because mine is pure and would eat a hole in my tongue. Use this solution to form a paste with the above. If the paste dries out, add a little more.



Ingredients: 3% hydrogen peroxide to the left, ash in center. I used the sifter to get just the fine ash after it had cooled.

Brush not more than once a week to begin with. Your gums might have to get used to it. If they are sore after the first brushing be cautious to not do it too often. Don’t do it more than twice per week. Brush gently. Rinse afterward.


The paste









Disclaimer: I don’t necessarily recommend this recipe for anyone else. Just sayin’…It’ s just my crazy idea.

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