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Cooking: part 3 – Recipes


Trying to make everything your little ‘ol heart desires is a big undertaking. It would save some sweat on your brow if you don’t think you need every piece of produce ever invented by man. Each time I visit the local grocery I eye things that I want. I often will buy an item or get out my note pad and list the ingredients, go home and make it…or fail.

The internet is chalk-full of ideas on how to make food these days. What I can’t find I will invent myself and share it with you.

Are you one of those with a cupboard full of recipes? I am…and quite a lot of hand written ones. Stay tuned as I try to share them. It’s a desire that makes me crazy busy because I’m trying to find time to make my own provisions at the same time…gasp*!


Making Quck Mix recipes


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