Trashy Light Bulbs


It took 2 months to realize that there was an upsurge in the number of times I had to replace light bulbs. After a few weeks I started dating the bulbs to keep track. Soon I had to put one in per day. Enough was enough ! !

I found a number to call the Champion Light bulb people. I told them about the bag full of bulbs I bought for my storage. They asked for a receipt…like I would still have that…I bought them for storage. Storage is rotated. The guy seemed to understand that issue and set it aside and told me that he would indeed reimburse me with a credit to Home Depot.


I was around the circle almost on a weekly basis.

At least he didn’t volunteer to send 10 boxes of bulbs to me by mail. Yeeks…they would never make it in one piece!



Thanks to the Champion Light people for understanding and supporting their product. Integrity means a lot to me. We can all mess up, but then need to take responsibility, right?


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