Non-Rising Yeast

I bought some. Not on purpose. I’d rather have yeast that rises. The Bakipan company that supplied the yeast explained how sensitive yeast can be in the preparation process as well as the storage temperatures and situations. They seemed to be onside, but wanted expiry dates.

After my first contact with them, I sent an email and explained:


January 22, 1013

I’ve already tested it many times in my kitchen. I tried a different brand  that was purchased about the same time frame and everything started working fine again, but I still have a few jars of yours left. I keep my yeast in the freezer. When I buy it, I normally will get several jars at a time.  The best before date is Aug 2007 #0304. This date should not reflect on the storage time though. I have kept yeast this way for up to 15 years before with no real change.
I just checked and there are 2 jars left that have different expiry dates that may be Ok. If you could reimburse me for 3 jars-worth I would be satisfied, at least until I open the others to see what quality they are.
Thanks, Sherry
No word back yet…..
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