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Naked Seeds




Here the mash is being drained

Who would have thought? If I had pumpkins with naked seeds I wouldn’t have to hull them. The down side is that I would eat more and add too many healthy calories…

If I find these seeds without hulls - will  I be able to resist? They must be hybrids. I was wondering just last week how manufacturers get the centers out of those seeds without damaging them. Now I have a clue.

 …meanwhile I’m trying to get some good out of my  squash seeds without going through the laborious hulling. I tossed one squash worth of seeds with some of the stringy stuff still attached into the blender.


I added a cup of water, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of honey. I would sure like it if my comments were working. I’d like to have feed back on that. I thought it  tasted like milk with a slightly pumpkin flavour. Hubby tells me I’m all wrong-he said it tastes like ‘slew-water’. I think he saw the light green color and it went to his brain. I need another opinion.


The honey


Salvaged nutrition

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