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Fog Forecast

According to ‘Hoya’ (some unknown character that gets blamed for everything), when there is significant fog, then there will be significant precipitation 90 days later.

So…today there was light fog almost all day. I think the amount of the fog determines how much moisture later on. You can just make out the hills in the distance in this picture. They are only about a mile away. It’s gotten lighter since this morning already.

With that in mind, then it will shower on…July 25 , 2012 in the Peace country of Alberta, Canada. This has been right 9/10 times for the last 3 years (+/-). When it was wrong, and there wasn’t any rain/snow on the predicted date of the weather change, there was a period of serious dryness following it.

I get out my calendar, like you should and mark it down. When you do, pay attention to what you think you will be doing about then, and then say …oh no…!

Remember I don’t live where you do, so do this test on your area and discover if Hoya was ever there   :)

It’s ok if you don’t understand. You can challenge me on this. Or even wonder why. I believe it’s got to the do with phases of the moon, season changes and so on.

Think I’m weird? – ok, say it.


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2 Responses to “Fog Forecast”

  1. It’s looking as if ‘Hoya’ will be disrupting this years family reunion….


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