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Technology runs a true course, where a few subscribe to it (usually the wealthy), then a few more, and even more until ‘everyone’ has it. It happened with the light bulb, the telephone, the TV, until we now have our iPods. When the TV came along, we were one of the last to get one. My parents were strict with its usage, so I didn’t see too much of it. It was just as well, in hind sight, because I now believe it was the beginning of “technology addiction” as the world knows it.

go-go boots

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When the TV arrived in our house, the Go-Go-Girls were the rave. I find it so amusing in retrospect, because they were so hip then, but on today’s stages it would be a dull performance, especially in black and white. These gorgeous dancing-girls, with shorts and white dancing boots, were spaced out behind the main stage, each in their own little glassed-in nook. They played some groovy music and these girls all danced the same steps and mimicked each other’s moves. I don’t remember a pile about the show, but I DO remember the Go-Go-Boots! As silly as it sounds, I was impressed by the stunning beauty and bling. Yes sir, I wanted to be a Go-Go-Girl!

In our home, there was a fair amount of our clothing that came as hand-me-downs. There wasn’t anything super unusual about that from my perspective. I’ve lived that way all my life, and often by choice. I love a good used store. From it I find things that are my style – past their glory years. When I can’t find a long skirt in the department store, they’re sure to have one at the used store. If I want to be uniquely different, I can surely be a different brand of banana dressed in yesterday’s fashions. When the fall fashion is fluorescent green and ‘blek’, and I only feel good in brown and warm, then I better not visit the top end malls. There is also one very great bonus to shopping my favourite way – it’s cheap. That makes me so happy I could squeal.

One day a box of used shoes and boots showed up from some generous party. They were on the outdoor porch when I arrived from school. I immediately spied the white Go-Go Boots!! My wish for them clouded my thoughtfulness for my younger sisters. I designed to have them for my own. At first opportunity, I tried them on for looks. They were perfect, all except for the fact that they were meant for someone at least six years my senior. Oh well, I reasoned, they were white and somewhat Go-Go-ish and I was the eldest child, and I needed them. I never got many occasions to wear them, as they first needed to be shared with any other Go-Go enthusiasts in the family, and since they stuck out rather noticeably in front, they weren’t deemed proper for anything or anywhere, but the porch. How disheartening. My days of fashion and style were as short as a millimetre. My dreams of the stage were totally ruined.

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