Griping to the CCTS

In the comments a bit ago, Naomi suggested that if I was having problems with my iPhone contract I could possibly contact this CCTS for help.

I’m always game to try to boil fairness and equity to the surface.

My concern: I bought my iPhone so I could take great snaps and videos for my blog  but also so I had a phone and access to the internet so I could blog from somewhere other than the barnyard…so to speak.

I turns out that the barnyard was almost the only place I could get solid service. If I travelled in more civilized areas things may have been better for my plans, but since I don’t - it was getting pretty worthless.


Packaging the iPhone to return it to Rogers.

I called / emailed the CCTS to explain my predicament. They then get in touch with my Rogers provider and insisted that they have a serious conversation with me. After the myriad of friendly but unrelenting customer service contacts I have talked to, I was surprised at the change in the level of co-operation. They agreed that they would let me return the iPhone. They would cancel my contract. I requested a reimbursement for the cost of the phone charges. They agreed…cough! I had uploaded some video clips so they said that was something they would not do and I understand that.

Wow…Naomi, thanks a ton.

Just saying this out loud for everybody’s info.


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