Hen Lays Chocolate Easter Egg!


True story…I found a chocolate egg. My hens lay brown-shelled eggs, but never before was brown on the inside (with a bright yellow yolk)  !  !

brown-and yellow-easter-egg

This an untouched photo.

What do you think? I wouldn’t lie.








It didn’t smell bad. It was a fairly fresh egg – only a few days old at most.

Have you ever seen a blood spot in an egg? I have, but it’s always been raw and red. My thought is that the white was all blood before it was heated. This is a cooked egg. Blood when cooked turns brown.

When I imagined chocolate it looked appealing. When I perceived it coming from blood…my stomach turned. Try that experiment yourself. Same for you?


It was tempting to serve….mighty tempting…but Hubby might want to send some retaliation back. Notice the darker band of brown near the yolk.

The rest of the eggs have been normal.

The rest of the eggs have been normal.

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6 Responses to “Hen Lays Chocolate Easter Egg!”

    • sherry says:

      YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY? Test successfull. I had a “captcha” spam filter on. When I deleted it and tried a differrent one, it worked.Thank you Anna-Marie for staying loyal. XX00XX !!

  1. Wendy says:

    Hummm. I mean…Yummm. I mean…Ummm. I mean several things. First, that doesn’t look like a cooked egg. That looks like the most delicous delicate mix of creamy chocolate I’ve ever seen. That looks like warm fudge around a real yolk. Hummm? Yummm? Ummm?
    Did Easter fall on April Fools Day?

  2. carmen says:



What do you think?