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Your own Beans


Today I am sifting and re-sifting through my bag of bean pods. This was the first year that I decided to salvage left over peas and beans and greens from the garden in the fall. I can’t believe I let these things go to waste before! To think that I’ve bought bags of beans for my storage and here they were ready for the taking…

I double-bagged the pods in plastic grocery bags and did some jogging on them. I found that there was less tiny pieces of the pods when I used my hands on a second batch to just ‘ring-and-twist’ them (while in the bag). They pop open easily, releasing the dried beans in small explosions. Then I shook the bag so that the heavier seeds went to the bottom. I skimmed the papery, light shells from off the top. Lastly I used my lung power to blow the chaff away into the wood box (it was cold outside on the deck). Any little bits of stuff will float to the surface when I add water to reconstitute them at a later date.¬†


Use them for seed or in cooking. Can or grind into flour.







Yellow string beans make white beans. Green string beans make dark, chocolate-brown ones. This is a good colorful variety for canning and to use in bean salads.



…or make a bean bag for play…or cover with material and use as a hotpack.

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