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Planting Time Again

Again. I planted lettuce in the winter already. Anyways….it’s past time to start flowers for me. I usually start the first week in March…I’m not sure why I feel like having a late start. Maybe it’s because it’s still snowing almost every day. Most ‘greenhousers’ have already planted tomatoes and flowers by mid February. I don’t have a heated greenhouse, so I start things a little later so that they don’t get too leggy. I could use more electrical lighting, but I’m frugal…remember? Consequently my blooms start later, but I’m happy regardless.

I plant mostly Wave Petunias from my own seed. If I see a color I like in my travels, and when it’s autumn, I pinch of a seed head or two. Sometimes they get genetically altered. Usually what happens is that the colors don’t remain true, but the rest still looks like a Petunia. I like bright pinks and purples, wines and burgundies along with some whites for backgrounds. Once I ended up with an ugly blood-red batch where the petals turned inward instead of outward like a flute. They were disgraceful looking and got plucked out of the beds right away. It didn’t hurt my feelings enough to make me stop trying to grow my own. That would take a lot. 


Last year’s blue Lobelia


I use tweezers to plant these tiny little seeds. They don’t get covered by soil, just watered in with a sprayer. I put the trays on the edge of the warming oven of my wood cook stove because they need warm soil to germinate.

A neat little video on planting Petunias is on the web. Click here.

I used to grow a whole tray full of white and purple Alyssum, but every time I set them outside to ‘harden’ the bugs would smell their syrupy sweetness and come running/flying for lunch. I decided after a few bad stints of that to grow Lobelia instead. Anna-Marie reminded me that I needed some Evening Scented Stock too. You can’t have too many of those because they don’t take up any room in a bed, but make the most heavenly aroma at night. No kidding!

My other favorite are the Nasturtiums. I adore the ones that climb (large leafed) for 10 feet over the rock beds that I have. I plant some regular ones to because they flower more than the trailing ones. I put them together when I plant them in the flower/rock beds. I have  half a flat of those germinating now too. Nasturtiums don’t like rich soil so don’t go crazy with fertilizer.


Dill and Nasturtium



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