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Winter’s March Back


We have 14″ of new white fluffy flakes. After hardly any precipitation for over a month and an amazingly lightening fast thaw over the last few weeks I’m in shock at this whiplash of weather.


Doing chores in the snow to my knees.

There looks to be a sure bet that flooding will occur this spring. The previous┬ámelt entered the culverts and then froze solid. When the thaw happens again the plugged culverts will block the passage of water. The water will back up into farmer’s fields and cover road surfaces. The county has steam trucks that spend their time in the spring thawing these as quickly as possible. They’ll be busy!


Snow around the grain bins.







I don’t think she likes it, haha. She just stood there for an entire 2 minutes, frozen like a statue, while I dug out the camera.

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