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Burn Salves


I’ve been contemplating my next salve remedy for a while. I want everything in it, but also toy with the idea of using  just what is available.

With help from some of you and the internet I came up with the list of possibly and important ingredients:

Comfrey, Aloe juice, Vitamin E, Lavender oil, St. John’s wort, Witch Hazel,  Elder Flowers, Sage or Honey (antibacterial), Calendula (for inflamation), and Thyme  (disinfectant). If I missed anything please comment below.


I’m digging through what I have.



I wrecked my frozen Comfrey, but thought I’d try rehydrating my dry stuff. I don’t have enough of anything else except Witch hazel, Sage (dry) and Thyme (dry).

I’m going to let the dry ingredients soak in some water overnight in the blender.comfrey-plantain-thyme-sage

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4 Responses to “Burn Salves”

  1. The ingredients you have sound great to me! One concern however is the lavender oil. I found it to be extremely irritating to the skin so I just advise you too look into that first. I noticed you don’t seem to have much oil and i am just throwing thos iut there, but I wonder if coconut oil might be a good addition. Something I always use is a drop or two of Tea Tree Oil in anything that goes on a burn. Not enough to cause irritation. I’ve cured infected burns with this amazing oil, which spared me from going to the Hospital to get it scraped and treated. Something I was seriously thanking God for. Anyway hope this helps and keep us posted!


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