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The Fly



 (Nightmare movie from the past)…do you remember this one?

One rare night the TV was on. I think it was because we had company over. A movie started. Some dark and daring music filled the room. The black and white screen flashed some bold and eerie lettering: The FLY!


The past haunts my present and our future.

Some evil and twisted genius had a plan to create equipment to teleport things. In his lab, he attempted to do this, but failed miserably. In his eccentric fervour, he one day made a dreadful mistake. When he was trying to transport himself, he didn’t notice that a fly was in the machine with him. He didn’t notice the horrifying consequences until later when he started turning into a fly! It was gruesome from a child’s point of view.



The housefly

The movie was a couple of hours long as I remember, and it finished playing late into the night. I have a feeling that mom and dad were so gripped by the frightening plot that they didn’t realize how the time had passed. I was still not in bed, and it was far after my bedtime when they ‘came to’. “The Fly” was epic.

I  waited for decades since, to find that title somewhere. I wanted to revisit it, much like when my nightmares play over and over until my brain conquers the fear. Finally, ages later, I saw it on a station that played old and dilapidated movies. I couldn’t get into the feeling. It was just too humorous to watch the old black and white film, with its drawling and forlorn sounds and music, along with the fictitious looking characters and plots. Shucks.

Since this movie there have been more with themes of giant rabbits, spiders, gorillas, dinosaurs, snakes…you name it. One of these days it could come true. The worst horror shows are the ones that could be real.In its day, it was a top ranking horror flick. There have been some interesting remakes. This says to me that it struck a fundamental cord in us. Funny how time and wisdom change things so much. This show might be one of the reasons I dislike and yet respect flies.


Flies dancing on my sill.

You are what you eat, wear, drive, think, hear, and …watch. (dadada…duhhh!  ).    ~(X)={


Look, sister…this one is thrashing around and getting bigger!





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2 Responses to “The Fly”

  1. Naomi says:

    Your most gruesome post yet!
    This brings back a few memories for me: One of watching Jaws out at the farm on a tv powered by a car battery. As the music escelated, the screen shrunk. All of us freaked out because we were going to miss the very best part of the movie!
    The other memory is of having a pet duck named Lucky. Lucky always got excited when he heard the blow torch lit by dad. He would come running to eat all the flies dad would torch on a beaver carcass. Dad would swipe the fire over the carcass and burn off the wings of the flies. Lucky would finish them off. Dad would have to get the job done quickly before Lucky dove in.
    Thanks for triggered my memories!

    • sherry says:

      Vice versa. I remember the benefits of the battery-operated tv’s too. What a thing to drive a person crazy – no matter what you are watching!


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