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Greek squash


I gave away another grocery bag of spagetti squash. I still have  12..13..14…..15!

I’m going to a potluck. Whatcha think I should put together?


Feta: usually a strong, salty goat cheese that could be traded for a strong tasting salty cottage cheese of your own making.

1 BIG squash cut in large chunks, throw it in the crock pot…add 2 big chopped onions of course, add a few tablespoons of Feta cheese or whatever’s left in this container, plus a dash of greek spices like oregano and uhhh… oh ya – chop up a handful of my frozen basil. It needs a jar of canned tomatoes and chicken that I’ll add the tomato juice and the rest at the end when the squash is done.


I ate mine with a greek flavoured rice cake to keep it wheat free.



An afterthought: a handful of big,oval, juicy, black, pitted olives…gee they are tasty. One handful for the cook’s mouth too…mmm. You either like them or you don’t. I used to hate them. I don’t know what happened to that.



I decided to add some pasta spirals to everyone else’s share. It was a good background for all that jazzy color!greek-squash-with-pasta

 It was easy to take to the potluck in a crock pot. I plunk it in the middle of some gobs of newspaper in a cardboard box* when I want to keep it warm. It stayed at a safe temperature until I got there and the I just needed a plug-in to protect it until the perfect moment.


You can finish cooking things by putting the heated food into an insulated box like this*. It saves on energy big time. It takes a little patience to discover how long to leave it there to get it just right. Treat it like a slow-cooker – it cooks slow.

This turned out swell…looked good…tasted better. When you are living off of your own supplies, be prepared to use your genius to vary things to protect the family from boredom. Keep lots of spices in the cupboard/storage! I wonder if I should dry some olives…

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10 Responses to “Greek squash”

  1. I have recently discovered the joys of Olives. Suddenly they taste better than candy to me. I suspect the body craves certain minerals and electrolytes, causing some things to seem delectable at certain times.

  2. Naomi says:

    This sounds YUMMY! If you lived any closer to me, I’d be happy to take lots of squash off of you!
    You should move closer.

    • sherry says:

      We should form a GBBSLA (garden bush backwoods animal lover’s association). To be a member of the club you’d have to live within a tomato throwing distance of each other. What fun we’d have.

      • Naomi says:

        If you want to relocate to Central Alberta, count me in!
        A garden and bush backwoods animal lover’s association (AGABBALA)
        Or A Bush Garden and Backwoods Animal Lover’s Association (ABGABALA)
        If you move here, you can have last say on the name.
        I will start looking for land right now. How many acres would you like?

  3. Sherry I will trade you all the sunshine you could want for some of your garden vegetables! You will have to come pick it up though heh heh.


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