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The Frogs are Chirping


…so that means I can plant peas, wheat, spinach, lettuce, kale and so forth…if I could get near the wet patch of a garden I have. So maybe next week I’ll put some in by hand if I can find a spot where I won’t sink out of sight.


The rows created last fall for the lettuce seeds.


Last winter’s seeded lettuce are up. I had put a sheet of silage plastic over the spot with the black side up. The wind had turned hard from the north and managed to peel the sheet up into a pile. It’s a good thing because I got busy and the lettuce had already started to poke through. At least I think I would have waited too long because the plants look leggy and yellowish.



It’s a little yellow at this point and seems to have a little reddish hue here and there.













Like I say… if I can find a dry spot. I got caught unprepared last fall when it snowed in the first week in October. I had just plucked some shrubs from the end of the garden and didn’t even get back to fill the deep gouges. The holes are partly full of water depicting the true water level in the



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