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Pasture Poultry Pens and Barn Doors

Hubby has been home for a few days, so he’s had me helping with every thing you can think off. He had this great idea to use some load straps he has, to make a flexible barrier at the bottom of the barn doors. We got out a handful of screws and washers and just screwed the straps to the bottom of the door. The wind that had been rudely whistling in before this procedure, was suddenly stopped. The inside of the barn quickly took on a peaceful feeling.

We’ve used old load straps for the bottom of our pasture chicken pens too to make a pliable barrier between the pen and the bumpy ground. It works super.

These are 2 pens stored in an upright position. Normally they will lay down flat along the ground. The straps are attached here to the left/bottom side of each. We made holes in the straps and wired them to the bottom bar.

If anyone inquires I can do a blog on how to make these poultry pens.

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