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More Dead Birds

I’m so discouraged.

I think I lost 2 hens because I let them out to early. It was still cold. With little feathers they didn’t have much cover but I thought they’d have the good sense to stay inside if they weren’t warm…NOT.

The dog came dragging one in that looked like a messy rug…and of course dead.

Yesterday when I was going down to the coop to collect eggs I saw a black and white flash of feathers near the top of the chicken-wired fence. I thought another hen was trying to escape but this was bigger. When I got another look I found out that it was a big hawk. It got tangled momentarily in the wire and then beat a hasty retreat.


The gash is right down the side of her ribcage. I think she was already dead when it happened.

On the ground was a hen with a nasty gash in her side. Usually when one chicken attacks another they get ate from the butt end. This was different. I had noticed that one chicken was humped over the day before and had some gunk running down her back end. I thought I was going to lose her anyway. This seemed to be her.

Now I only have 15 left. Yeesh.

None of them are wanting to set either. I don’t blame the young ones because they were babies just last August. The 2nd year ones should be toying with the idea…you would think (!!).


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