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Baking it


This wasn’t supposed to be a long-drawn out process. Well…yes and no. You have to spend time with Sourdough to make it ‘sour’. I just wasn’t banking on throwing it in the fridge after the first rising. Stuff happens.

So now I’ve picked it out of the ‘chiller’ and warming up again in 2 greased baking pans. Remembering  to shape it because it doesn’t rise in the middle like a normal bread recipe. But hey… it will make better sandwiches if the ends aren’t smaller. OK. So now the shape has changed again…round in the middle but not on the ends.

The batter looks like it has raised double to me. Baking time!   

The flop: hard, dense, shallow 'loaves'.

The flop: hard, dense, shallow ‘loaves’.

………..It flopped. I’m sure it rose higher than the end result.

Do I have the time and patience to see what I did wrong? ….I’ll try it one more time. I think I used the measurements for the single loaf part of the time.

Here goes my second attempt: As I’m mixing it up again I’m realizing a much bigger amount of dough. I did something wrong alright.

1/2 of the batch or, one loaf, got baking powder added. Check out the difference.


Left: normal recipe
Right: with baking powder.




comparison-test-for sourdough-breads

To the right is tha ‘baking powder version. I picked up the slices and wiggled them. The right one was easier to break.







bread-results-for wheatless-breads

The one on the right is the airy purchased loaf.




My favorite is the baking powder-sourdough bread for taste, color, lightness and texture.

I’m smiling the smile of success.

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6 Responses to “Baking it”

  1. Judy says:

    Are you using natural yeast? Or Fleishmann’s? Natural yeast is a true sourdough recipe where you make your own yeast. It takes a very long time to grow. Natural yeast helps you to digest grains such as wheat.

    • sherry says:

      How do you make your own yeast without starting with commercial yeast? I had to start my sourdough with the regular store variety. I didn’t know that it helps wheat digestion. I don’t think I should go ‘there’with wheat since it bothers my throat before it even gets to my stomach.

  2. Judy says:

    A couple of things re wheat. It could be the gluten or it could be the bran or both that give issues. It’s different for different people. Of course the gluten into today’s wheat is many times higher in protein content than the old wheat, 50 or more years ago. GMO is an issue, it’s been changed from the natural. Not sure of details. Suffice. This is hard to digest and for some presents a nightmare, and others milder symptoms, but is an increasing problem. The bran, in wheat contains the majority of the toxins gathered through pollution and today’s selfish farming practices. Therefore eat bran free flour if you want to avoid all those toxins. White flour, yep, add your own source of fibre I suppose. Now there is also wheat allergy, which I don’t know whether this is a protein issue, or a sugar or both or either. Research it my best recommendation. The sourdough starter that is natural….here is the link info: ?For those of you more intrepid, you can make your own starter. Here’s a starter recipe:’s another site about sourdough starters which also lists commercial places to purchase a starter: I recognized one of the sites as a manufacturer of gluten-free products. While the starter isn’t GF, they do have several GF products: looks like most starters use gluten-containing flours, so it won’t work for those of us who need to be GF. I did find a site that talks about GF starters and fermented drinks like kefir, which is supposed to have pro-biotic properties: is a gluten-free starter recipe listed at this site:, and the comments under that post have additional helpful information.??Another site that has fantastic information on yeast in general and had a link to another GF starter recipe is: The site she links to is:

    • sherry says:

      So much to consider. Life has become complicated.

      • Judy says:

        Sorry????I get it. Maybe being a pioneer would have been nice. Then. It’s hard to be a pioneer when what surrounds you is everything to remind you that you are falling behind trying. All this effort would have been par for the course “back then” Perspective. And weeding…weeding out that that doesn’t make enough difference


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