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Re-Arranging the Pecking Order


Since I put the pasture chickens out, something crazy has been going on. For one the Rooster is hiding in the nest box and the hens aren’t laying at all! After two days  of this I’ve got another plan.

I think he’s hen pecked and terrified of the older brown hens. I don’t know how he managed with them all winter, but after having his space outside for a month he can’t handle the close quarters of the pasture pen. (??) I put him with a hen of his own ‘kind’ back in the coop (it still has a yard with green growth), but it makes for more chores. I want to see what happens next.


Chickens are extremely prejudicial. The brown ones will not integrate with the barred rocks. They’ve pecked all the feathers off of the rooster’s once lovely tail.



I studied the rest of the hens and discovered that there was one brown one that was especially intolerant of the smaller striped barred rocks. I was interested what would happen if I took her out of the mix. I stopped short of giving her the axe because ,well, chickens will be what chickens…they probably can’t help how they behave. She’s in the back of the coop now. If she doesn’t lay an egg or something…she’s dead meat!

…or should I be messing with nature?



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