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The Doctor was out to Lunch!


It’s been tough to keep up with life this month. It all started with a sore shoulder which radiated downward until it hit my wrist and fingers. I tried to be a hard nut and stick it out no matter the agony. Finally I hit the emergency room. The verdict was that I needed an ultrasound for Tendonitis…which might be as far away as August………..choke……………….. AUGUST!

I was prescribed a basket load of pain-killers and anti-inflammatory meds that would probably kill me before August.

What are the alternatives? I could only think of one: acupuncture. I’ve never been there before. It was going to be expensive, but I was tempted to try it once. The little Chinese lady told me: Not…muscle pain! She gave me a bit of that little vibrating ‘Tens’ machines and I felt some tiny little needle pricks here and there. After some relaxation she came me back and forced my arm into deathly, painful positions…nothing unatural, but whatever it took to make me scream (I actually only screamed inside of me – everyone else in the waiting room heard loud moaning). “Good Pain, all good pain, I know what I’m doing (I prayed she was right), I’ve done this to thousands of people, trust me, good pain (Ohhh… I hope you’re soon done), good pain”, she said. She was Right.

It's coming along...the lettuce I planted after sweeping the snow off of the garden last November.

It’s coming along…the lettuce I planted after sweeping the snow off of the garden last November.

Now here is the kicker: I was low in calcium. That’s it. I had to take stalk of how I had eaten for the last couple of months: I’d vowed not to buy the lettuce off the grocery shelf. My Hubby’s diet had changed temporarily and I went with it since I don’t love cooking twice over, and that made it worse. Winter was way too long…the longest ever in my life. I hadn’t been eating enough dairy or greens and I had really wrecked myself.

Every day I make my arm stretch painfully farther and the next day I can go that far easily. It’s a miracle. There was a little tendonitis but not much.

So Hello Spring and weeds and rehab (my own). I’m going to have to be more carefull next winter. How could I have let that happen?


dandelion-clover-alfalfa-plantain medley for my herb drink.

Sooo…if it happens to you, maybe you can recognize that you need to keep your limbs mobile or your joints will ‘freeze’ and your muscles will be on FIRE. Make sure you’re eating green and good.

I also discovered Bromelain: I took it on an empty stomach for inflammation. Study up on it before deciding if you can use it.

I also heard the words of a professional whisper words of a quiet undertaking to ‘put-off’ the long list of people waiting for ultrasounds by putting them on mega-medicines and x-rays to replace what is really needed.

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