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A Blast with the Artichokes

The Jerusalem Artichokes ofr Sunchokes were still there this spring. They got a good fast start with the lack of ground frost this last winter. I decided to harvest any if there was anything to be found. I got about 2-3 gallons of the tubers. They weren’t all that large – like maybe an inch or two across.

I boiled and ate 3-4 and then went back for another and another. The next day I put a few in a stir-fry. They were an unusual change and rather nutty. I waited for the gas. My stomach tiffed a little but it was no worse than 1/2 a can of beans. Apparently growing them in the ‘north’ makes them grow (slower?) different and with less inulin. Storage also makes them use up some of their own inulin (that causes the stomach gas because of indigestion). I’m not sure if the winter under the snow ‘duvet’ was akin to storage or not.


The sprouts freshly dug.

If they are not overcooked they are great in a stir-fry. I canned some and that was a mistake because even though the skins slip off when they are boiled (making it super easy) they also add a bit of bitter to the result. So canning like I did with the skins still on was over-duty on the bitter scale. I also wouldn’t can them again because canning makes them mushy.

tubers-of the-sunchokes

The tubers spread out in a radial fashion.

I left them in the garden since I can’t decide which way to go with them. Then they accidentally got run over with the cultivator on one end of the patch…Oh boy…that was a big bad mistake. If I keep the garden tilled and the tubers keep getting chopped and spread all over, that might be as big a weed-disaster as I’ve ever had. Now I have to contain them or do away with them ????????????

jerusalem- artichokes-in-stir-fry

In the stir-fry.

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2 Responses to “A Blast with the Artichokes”

  1. Naomi says:

    That is a conundrum.
    If I were to keep them, I would have a plot of ground just for them. I would put landscape fabric (a weed barrier) (4 feet wide) around the plot. That would stop the tubers from escaping the area, unless they can grow more than 4 feet underground. I’d also invest in softer soil and compost for this area.
    They will utterly invade your garden if you leave them there.


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