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Willows for Baskets,Trivets, Furniture


This is my first attempt to make a Trivet which is like a pot-holder for hot things. Anything I can learn that will help me with my ‘survival’ plans is on the agenda. Having a unique conversation piece on my table makes it fun too.

The willows need to be fine and straight. They should also be picked just before use and kept in a bucket of water so that they stay wet and pliable. Mine weren’t all that supple so I had a tough time to get the thick ones to bend and not crack.


Slit 3 larger ones through the middle and slide 3 smaller ones through the middle.









I used some artificial sinew to reinforce the area on the outside of the slit in the willows. This keeps the sticks from splitting farther along when working with them.artificial sinew







Make a loop and wrap several strands back around the loop. End by slipping the final end through the original loop and pull the two ends tight. The loop at the bottom will pull the last end under the wraps where it stays secure.










After tucking the larger end of  a much finer willow into a slotted area, start around the center ‘square’ weaving it in and out.willow-weaving








Continue in a circular pattern until this willow runs out. Start another willow by tucking and weaving. The circle gets larger and larger. At the end I opted to try to wrap the ends of the original, larger 12 willow ends into the design. That didn’t work so well and the circular shape went out of balance. I would rather tie the last row in with sinew and just slice of the bigger ends at a blunt angle. To make a basket just turn the original 6 stems upwards at a 90 degree angle to the flat plate-like piece you’ve already started – and keep wrapping into a basket shape.


Green and brown rounds of willows with a spring bouquet of saskatoon blooms speaks of spring to me.

Oh well… it was rustic anyways.

The nice part of something that looks a bit corny is the moment a hot pot rests upon the flat Trivet and exudes that bitter, willowy, ‘outdoorsy’ fragrance throughout your kitchen. If you want to present an outback theme for dinner this would add a nice touch. I love the smell of willow…burnt or not.

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One Response to “Willows for Baskets,Trivets, Furniture”

  1. Naomi says:

    I once made a basket using willow and a style of weave like this. I still have it.
    A friend in Grande Center helped me collect the willows in the winter and then showed me how to weave it. The hardest part is making sure that your eyes don’t get poked out.


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